UNIFYNow Release Notes


New Features

Improvement Added In
REST API Operation now supports PATCH, PUT and DELETE HTTP methods, and allows for more control over request content. v4.0.3
Removed Filter configuration option from AD Listen operation. v4.0.3
UNIFY MIM Event Broker rebranded as UNIFYNow v4.0.2
Updated UserEcho to always load from https instead of http v4.0.1
Updated exe.config files to include Identity Broker v4.0+ binding v4.0.1
Updated PowerShell operation to work around Microsoft PowerShell memory leak and/or poorly written scripts by running scripts in a separate process v4.0.1
Simplified user interface role based authorization v4.0
Updated auto configuration to place operation lists in exclusion group to account for MIM change that stops concurrent sync operations v4.0
Added the ability for MIM Agent to track Management Agent id changes v4.0
Added Identity Broker port to list of known ports for the REST agent v4.0
Changed Operation List stop action to be considered a success if it is the success action v4.0
Updated the auto configuration to not default to another run profile if an export run profile cannot be found v4.0
Updated operation list execute plugin to honour disabled operation list status v4.0
Suppressed incorrect exception when LDAP Listen operation is recycled v4.0
Added the ability for the FIM Portal Workflow to be disabled inside the workflow v4.0
Made Operation List user interface clearer v4.0
Changed the default (unset) operation list execute plugin name to include the name of the target operation list v4.0
Updated user interface hints for Active Directory agent v4.0
Updated user interface for Operation List Last Execution to include additional information v4.0
Added operation list names to log entries that only contained their id's v4.0
Added file hash setting to file changes check operation v4.0
Updated Sync Changes check operation to calculate the root server OU instead of taking the full supplied path v4.0
Improved performance of Clear Run History operation v4.0
Issue Fixed By
Migrated configuration breaks MIM operations from working. Workaround is to reconfigure affected operations. v4.0.4
Fixed issue creating pending export check operation when multiple MIM agents were configured. v4.0.2
Fixed exception on service start up when loading DLL patch v4.0.1
Operation lists configured for EvB version fail on first run after upgrade to v4.0.1
Fixed user interface issue with pending export operation so that the list of management agents is repopulated v4.0
Fixed PowerShell operation so that save doesn't fail when a large script is provided v4.0

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