UNIFYNow Architecture

UNIFYNow is a Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 application. The diagram below indicates the basic architectural components of the UNIFYNow system.

Image 3432

Connectivity to the Microsoft Identity Manager synchronisation engine is achieved using both Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and an ADO.NET connection to the MIM database. Any queries against the MIM database have been optimised for minimal impact on performance, and to avoid all possible database locks.

The functionality, status and configuration of UNIFYNow is exposed via Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) end-points, hosted within the service.

The user interface is an MVC 5/ASP.NET application, either self-hosted in a web server embedded into the UNIFYNow service, or capable of being hosted in Internet Information Services (IIS). IIS hosting is required if Kerberos authentication is required to control access to the web application, or if Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is required.

Connection to Active Directory (AD) uses the .NET Framework libraries, as connection to SQL Servers uses ADO.NET.

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