SAP HCM Organisation Structure Connector


SAP HCM organisation structure connector is a reading connector provided by  UNIFYBroker/SAP HCM.

Technical Requirements

In addition to the requirements listed on prerequisites, the administrator should have a solid understanding of Organisation structure and Evaluation Paths.


A SAP HCM organisation structure connector encapsulates the organisation structure data from the target SAP HCM instance.

Reading Yes
Writing No
Deleting No
Polling No


Fields in a SAP HCM organisation structure connector refer to a fixed set of fields.

The schema provider for this connector will retrieve these fixed fields. They should not be changed, but can be removed if not required.

Image 4215


SAP HCM Organisation Structure connector maintains the following configuration:

Image 4216

Name Description
Evaluation Path The path used by SAP HCM to evaluate the hierarchy. SAP HCM has many views across hierarchical information, so in order to determine the best evaluation path for any given identity management system, consult an SAP expert.
Structure ID The ID of the starting point in a branch of the cost centre hierarchy from which to return records. To determine the best value for this field, consult an SAP expert.

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