Google Apps Calendar Connector


Google Calendar connector is a reading, writing and deleting Connector provided by  UNIFYBroker/Google Apps

This connector encapsulates the information that is available through the Google Apps calendar resource API and the Google Apps calendar API for ACL data. 

Technical Requirements

The Google Calendar connector has no additional requirements following that listed connector prerequisites.


A Google Calendar connector encapsulates calendar data which is made available through the Google Apps calendar resources API  and the Google Apps calendar API for ACL data.

Reading Yes
Writing Yes
Deleting Yes
Polling No


Fields in a Google Calendar connector refer to data fields in the Google Apps calendar resource API and Google Apps calendar API of the same name.

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Basic Configuration

The basic configuration for a Google Calendar connector is as follows:

Image 4248

Name Description
Domain The domain instance. Required for managing calendars.
Data Username The username for the Google Data API, a previous generation API for managing Calendars and Domain Shared Contact object types.
Data Password The password for the Google Data API.
Manage ACL's Whether Calendar ACL's should be managed by this connector. A performance cost is incurred with this setting, only check if required.
  • None: Does not read or write ACL's;
  • Xml: Reads and writes ACL's as Xml blobs. Does not require the lookup against the group or user adapter.
  • DN: Uses the distinguished name of the reference attribute to find the desired entity in the group or user adapter.
  • Email: Assumes that the RDN (the first component in the DN) is a Google Apps email. Extracts the value and passes it straight to Google Apps without having to look up the item for save operations. Requires that either "group" or "user" are part of the distinguished name.
Export Synchronicity Allows export operations to be changed from running synchronously. Synchronous: The default setting, which allows for error messages to be propagated to the identity management platform; Asynchronous: Performs operations asynchronously, logging is still performed, however, the return status will always be a success. For asynchronous mode read the documentation before using.

ACL Configuration

If Manage ACL's is set as Email or DN, the following configuration is required.

Image 4249

Google Scopes

The service account requires specific scopes to perform certain functions:

Operation Required scope
Reading ACLs <a href=""></a>
Writing ACLs <a href=""></a>

 XML Field Schema

The acls field on this connector is a XML formatted string. The schema for this XML blobs is listed below.

FileSize (bytes)

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