Google Apps Agent


A Google Apps agent is an agent provided by UNIFYBroker/Google Apps. It is a shared component between all UNIFYBroker/Google Apps connectors.


A Google Apps agent maintains the following configuration:

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Application NameThe name that the product shall identify itself as to Google
Client IdThe email address for the service account. This is a long random string plus the domain.
Service AccountThe email address for the service account.This is a short, user-defined email address.
Key FileThe name of the file that contains the exported certificate for the service account. Either the full path to the file, or the relative path from the UNIFYBroker service executable.
Key PasswordThe password to the key file that contains the exported certificate for the service account. Defaults to 'notasecret'.
CustomerThe customer instance. Required if Domain is not set.
DomainThe domain instance. Required if Customer is not set.
Parallel LimitAllows for control over the number of asynchronous operations to be executed at the one time. Only impacts connectors and operations that are set to run asynchronously.
Max ThreadsAllows for control over the number of threads to be available on the thread pool. This setting impacts all operations in the application. Under normal circumstances this setting should not need to be changed, but systems with low memory may need to consider this value carefully. To disable set to 0.
Import After ExportWhether an import should be triggered following exports.

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