Google Apps Domain Shared Contact Connector


Google Domain Shared Contact connector is a reading, writing, deleting and polling connector provided by UNIFYBroker/Google Apps

This connector encapsulates the information that is available through the Google Apps shared contact API. 

Technical Requirements

If the use of the externalId field in the Flattened Fields schema (see below) are not required, the Google User connector has no additional requirements following that listed connector prerequisites.

If this field is to be used, to function correctly it requires all externalIds associated with a contact to have their label and relation attributes set. 


A Google Domain Shared Contact connector encapsulates contact data which is made available through the Google Apps shared contacts API.

Reading Yes
Writing Yes
Deleting Yes
Polling Yes


The Domain Shared Contact connector provides two Schema Providers, Default and Flattened Fields.

Default Schema Provider

Fields in a Google Domain Shared Contact connector refer to data fields in the Google Apps shared contact API of the same name. Several data points which return multiple value are stored as Multi-value Strings.

Image 4251

Flattened Fields Schema Provider

The Default schema provides three fields which can be repackaged with the use of the Flattened Fields Schema: externalIdsprimaryEmail and primaryOrganization.

In the case of primaryEmail and primaryOrganization, the attributes for these fields are extracted and made available as individual fields. The naming convention of these fields is FlattenedPrimaryEmail:<attributeName> and FlattenedPrimaryOrganization:<attributeName>.

For the externalIds field, the Flattened Fields schema contains FlattenedExternalId:ExampleRelation+ExampleLabel. This field does not get assigned directly, but act as a template using the relation and label attributes. The value of each externalId is placed into a field matching its relation and label attributes. At the time of writing, an error is produced by Google if the relation and label are both provided - this can be avoided by only configuring one of them.

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The configuration for a Google Domain Shared Contact connector is as follows:

Image 4253

Name Description
Data Username The username for the Google Data API, a previous generation API for managing Calendars and Domain Shared Contact object types.
Data Password The password for the Google Data API.
Export Synchronicity Allows export operations to be changed from running synchronously. Synchronous: The default setting, which allows for error messages to be propagated to the identity management platform; Asynchronous: Performs operations asynchronously, logging is still performed, however, the return status will always be a success. For asynchronous mode read the documentation before using.

Google Scopes

The service account does not require additional scopes.

XML Field Schema

Several fields in the Domain Shared Contact connector are XML formatted strings. The schema for each of these XML blobs are listed below

File Size (bytes)
ContactEmailSchema.xsd 1061
ContactExternalIdSchema.xsd 437
ContactIMAddressSchema.xsd 1217
ContactJotSchema.xsd 350
ContactLanguageSchema.xsd 361
ContactOrganizationSchema.xsd 1287
ContactPhoneNumberSchema.xsd 2413
ContactPostalAddressSchema.xsd 1719
ContactRelationSchema.xsd 428
ContactWebsiteSchema.xsd 493

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