Installing UNIFYBroker Connectors


Connectors are the components that allow transfer of data from UNIFYBroker to target applications. As these connectors are specific to the design of an installation, the administration of these components is covered in their own product guides. Connectors for UNIFYBroker written by UNIFY Solutions will be supplied with their own product guides.

The major and minor versions of a connector must match the major and minor versions of the UNIFYBroker instance it is being installed into. For example, a connector with version is compatible with any UNIFYBroker installation where the Broker version starts with v5.3, however when Broker is upgraded to v5.4.x.x, the connector must also be upgraded. Failing to align service and connector versions will most likely result in an inoperable service.

Installing UNIFYBroker Connectors

Installation from the desktop

To begin installation, locate and run the UNIFYBroker for {Connector Name}.msi installation package from either Windows Explorer or through command prompt.

CHECK: Prior to version v5.1, connectors have 32- and 64-bit installers. Please ensure that you select the installer which matches the architecture of the machine that you are installing on.

The title screen of the installation wizard will be shown.

Image 4116

Click Next to continue.

Read and accept the UNIFY Software Licence Agreement.

Image 4117

Select an installation directory for the connector. This should match the installation directory of the UNIFYBroker service. The default installation will be C:\Program Files\UNIFY Solutions\Identity Broker

Image 4118

Select the installation type. Standard installs all connector components, IIS installs only the web interface components. Click Next to continue.

Image 4119

Confirm the values specified for this installation. Click Install to commence installation.

Image 4120

A progress bar will appear showing the progress of the installation.

Image 4121

Wait for the installation to complete.

Image 4122

Click Finish to close the installation window.

The connector has now been installed.

Unattended installation

An unattended installation may be performed by using the msiexec.exe command and supplying the installer package as the parameter:

msiexec.exe "UNIFYBroker for {Connector Name}.msi" ADDLOCAL=Service,Web

The ADDLOCAL parameter takes a comma-separated list of the desired components to install, which can be any of Service, Web or IIS_Web.

Confirming Installation

You can confirm successful installation of the connector by finding it in the list of installed programs.

Image 4123

You can also confirm successful installation of the connector by finding its plugin entry on the About page of the UNIFYBroker website.

Image 4115

Uninstalling connectors

CHECK: Ensure that the UNIFYBroker service has been stopped before attempting to remove any of its installed components.

Connectors can be uninstalled by selecting the component from the Programs control panel and choosing to remove it. Select the component in the list and click Uninstall. Alternatively, run the installer MSI again and select the Remove option.

Image 4124

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