Moving the UNIFYBroker Database

This article describes how to move (or backup/copy) the UNIFYBroker database. This may be necessary should any of the following conditions be met:

  • Any of the fields are write-only and not able to be retrieved.
  • A large dataset, or a poorly performing environment.
  • A Cold Standby server is being prepared.



It is recommended that the backup and restore method is employed, as the process can be reversed quickly should a problem arise.


  • Ensure that existing logins were migrated successfully, otherwise they should be recreated.
  • Ensure that any custom SQL Server jobs are recreated on the target server.
  • Ensure that the collation of the target server is the same, otherwise joins and other queries may not function correctly. If the collation of the target server cannot be updated, the database administrator may choose to update the UNIFYBroker database collation to match that of the target server. To set the database collation see Set or Change the Database Collation. To update column collation see Set or Change the Column Collation.

UNIFYBroker configuration

  • Follow instructions on Data Configuration for details on connecting to the new SQL Server database.
  • The UNIFYBroker service can now be started.

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