Time Offset Transformation


This transformation adds a new field which contains an offset time-stamp or date value based on a provided source column.

Use Cases

The time offset transformation can be used to accomplish the following:

  • Setting a new field for use in processing where the time of day is significant, such as HR processing or advanced workflows
  • Moving existing times into a new window where times from the source system may be inappropriate


The transformation requires a date or timestamp value in the adapter schema.


This transformation adds a new timestamp field (depending on the source) with the offset time.

Image 3877


The time offset transformation requires the following by way of configuration.

Image 3879



Offset Field

The field containing the date or time-stamp to offset.

Destination Field

The field into which to put the offset calculated value.

Time Offset

The value to offset the source value. If the source value is a date, it is offset from midnight of the start of that day.

Use Local Time

Specifies whether an offset of a date should be offset from local time, instead of UTC time. For instance, in Brisbane, Australia, this would result in a time-stamp of of 10 hours later.

The above example generates a timestamp field AccountExpires which adds a 5pm local time offset to the date field TerminationDate, producing a field which can be used to cut off the employee's data access at the end of the work day.

Change Processing

During the change detection process, a change will be flagged for an entity if the Offset Field has been updated.

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