Rename Transformation


The rename transformation is used to rename one or more fields in the adapter.

Use Cases

The rename transformation can be used to accomplish the following:

  • Changing difficult system field names into names more easily understood by solution implementers. For example, a connector field "SZCNO" may be mapped to the name "SectionNumber"
  • Allowing LDIF compliance by removing non-compliant symbols from field names




This transformation updates the name of an existing set of source columns to new target names.

Image 3885


The move transformation requires the following by way of configuration:

Image 3886

The above configuration takes the field DOB and renames it to DateOfBirth.

Column Mappings

One to many column mappings can be added, which rename adapter schema fields up to the current point.

Each column mapping requires the following by way of configuration:



Source Column

The source attribute to rename.

Target Column

The new name for the attribute.

Change Processing

During the change detection process, a change will be flagged if any of the base moved fields have been updated. This is usually already accounted for by the base or relational connector.

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