Entity not updating after Join relationship connector entity change

Adrian Corston 3 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Plus updated by Beau Harrison (Senior Product Software Engineer) 3 years ago 11

Adapter "DWH Employee" has a Join to connector "SPOL Suspended Employee".  When an existing entity in that connector updated (to change the value of a boolean attribute) the Join did not re-evaluate on the adapter. Running an Import All on SPOL Suspended Employee did not update the DWH Employee adapter entity, and neither did running an Import All on the DWH Employee adapter's base connector. The join field was only updated when I ran Generate Changes on the DWH Employee adapter directly.

Note: this has the same appearance as ticket #4200 but is happening for a Join transform rather than a Foreign Multivalue Group transform, so it is possible that the same problem may be present across all join-type transforms.

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Hi Adrian

Looking at the current configuration, there isn't a boolean field on the suspended employee connector schema. Am I correct in assuming you have removed this field? Was this boolean field mapped to the adapter in the join? Was this done to circumvent this issue?

I was unable to reproduce this behaviour in a test environment, both with the FMG issue patch (which is deployed to all environments) and without. Could you reproduce this after generating changes? And did this affect other entities or just the one you specified?

Hi Beau,

Sorry for that - what I wrote is wrong.  Where I wrote "When an existing entity in that connector updated (to change the value of a boolean attribute) the Join did not re-evaluate on the adapter" I should have written:

"When a new entity is created in that connector, the Join did not re-evaluate on the adapter"

If you'd like me to demonstrate I can do so, just let me know.  I can replicate it at will, across multiple adapter entities.  The problem can be reproduced (on other entities) even after Generate Changes has been run.

That shouldn't be necessary. I can reproduce this now. Should have a patch shortly.

Patch is ready and should be deployed after hours this evening.

Thanks Beau,

Can you confirm which environment(s) the patch will be applied to tonight?

Is this bug likely to also affect Joins not being applied when field values change in the connector entities?  I have another example of it occurring, but this time it's with an existing entity that is seeing a change to a multi-valued field.  If this patch is unlikely to address that issue then please let me know and I'll raise a separate ticket for it.

I can confirm that a join which maps a multivalue field correctly updates when values are added or removed to the connector entities multivalue field, even when going to or from empty. Try an reproduce once the patch is up and let me know if it is resolved. If not feel free to continue using this ticket since it does sound related. We can break it off into a separate ticket if needed later.

Thanks, will do.

Matt confirmed the environments have been patched by David last night, will test today.

Original bug re-tested and no longer occurring, looks good!  Now testing the second (possibly related) issue.

Re-tested the second bug, could not reproduce.  Looking great!