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Chris21 Connector status="fail" existing

Liam Schulz 3 weeks ago in UNIFYBroker/Frontier ichris/chris21 updated 1 day ago 7

Hi guys,

I have multiple Chris21 connectors failing in a customer system with the following error when running a full import:

My initial thoughts were that this was a problem with Chris21. But I have had the customer run the GTR query directly against Chris21 and it has received no such status failed messages.

The customer had recently upgraded to Chris21 version 8.19.10. Identity Broker version is 4.1.1 and Chris21 Connector version Version upgrades were undertaken on the 12/05 and completed on the 14/05, however the issue was only recently raised so we weren't able to grab logs before these date's to see if it was an active issue.

The customer has pointed out that one field has been renamed on one of the forms but this field is not used in the schema in Idb.

Before this the agent and connector was displaying this error which we fixed by setting the interface in Chris21 to "Default":

Not sure if it is related but I thought it would be helpful as to understanding the full scope of the problem.

Would anyone be able to shed any light as to why this could be happening?

Thanks, Liam

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Hi Liam

I suspect the issue is related to account permissions or authorization. Has a connection test been run on the chris21 agent? Does it fail with the same/similar error message? When the client tested the query, was it from with chris? If so, can this be attempted using the HTTP connectivity tool with the same credentials used by by Broker agent? Also, if not done already, confirm that the account Broker is using still has all the required permissions required by the chris21 connector.

Hi Matt,

I forgot to mention that not all connectors are failing and that there is one connector that is able to import successfully. It is however, only importing 56 entities and I'm not sure if it's relevant to the current problem. 

Thanks for the suggestions, I will communicate with the customer to see if we can test them. 

If one connector still imports but others don't, check and make sure that the permissions are the same across all forms. The ability for the connector to work on that form but not others seems to indicate a chris21 issue. Having the above options confirmed (especially the http connectivity tool) will set us in the right direction.

A working endpoint that provides access to the required forms is a prerequisite of using the chris21 connector. If you cannot use the connectivity tool, then the problem most likely is with chris. Work with the client towards being able to use the connectivity tool against all required forms. Once this point is reached, if any problems remain with the connector let us know and we'll investigate further.

Just an update, the customer claims that because their database is hosted on premises, that the connectivity tool is not available (This comes from their Chris21 contact which I believe helped install and maintain their instance). The customer has also said that another process, uConnect, has a similar method of communicating with Chris21 as Idb and they are able to connect and perform tasks successfully from there.

Hi guys,

We found out why Identity Broker was failing at importing from some of the forms. The method of posting to c21connect.asp is no longer supported and calls have to be funneled through licensed components. We switched to the Web Services method of connecting and have now resolved the issue.

This ticket can now be closed.