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Difference Report on Pending Changes for Full Sync

Oscar Ferne 6 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Plus updated by Matthew Davis (Technical Product Manager) 2 years ago 2

As part of an upgrade activity on an MA, we were required to deliver a difference report on the data as it would appear pre vs post synchronisation of the upgrade MA. This was done to better understand and review what attributes would be updated when a full sync of the upgraded MA would occur in PROD.

We were able to achieve this deliverable by exporting two csv's of the data pre & post synchronisation, and doing a data comparison in a third party app. This could be simplified if Identity Broker Plus could generate a difference report for full syncs to ensure that the MA update is producing clean data.

This report could vary in detail, but as a first pass being able to see a count of the new and updated identities and attributes would be preferable.

User Data Comparison Process.docx

I've written a document that describes the data comparison process I referred to above.

Under review

Thanks Oscar. This item has been added to the backlog