Installing the UNIFYNow Service


Installation of the UNIFYNowEvent Service is as easy and simple as running the UNIFYNow.msi installer package. This installer contains everything required for a basic installation of UNIFYNow.

Installing the UNIFYNow Service

Installation from the desktop

To begin installation, locate and run the UNIFYNow.msi installation package from either Windows Explorer or through command prompt.

The title screen of the installation wizard will be shown. Click Next to continue.

Image 3495

Read and accept the UNIFY Software License Agreement.

Image 3496

Enter the credentials for the Windows account that the Service will run as.

CHECK: The chosen service account must have the Log on as service permission.

Image 3497

Select an installation directory for the UNIFYNow Service. The default installation will be:

C:\Program Files\UNIFY Solutions\Event Broker

Image 3498

Confirm the values specified for this installation to begin.

Image 3499

A progress bar will appear showing the progress of the installation. Wait for the installation to complete.

Image 3500

The installation has completed successfully. Click Finish to close the installation window.

Image 3501

The UNIFYNow service has now been installed.

Unattended installation

An unattended installation may be performed by using the msiexec.exe command and supplying the installer package as the parameter:

msiexec.exe /qn /i "%Installer Directory%\UNIFYNow.msi"

Alternatively, to specify the service account credentials:

msiexec.exe /qn /i "%Installer Directory%\UNIFYNow.msi" SERVICECREDENTIALS_USERLOGIN="DOMAIN\TestUserName" SERVICECREDENTIALS_PASSWORD="Password"

For issues with elevating permissions:

msiexec.exe /a "%Installer Directory%\UNIFYNow.msi"

Starting the Service

To start the service, first open the Services window from Administrative Tools.

Image 3381

Alternatively, run services.msc from command prompt.

Image 3382

Open the Services page, and select Yes if prompted to continue. Find the UNIFYNow service, and start it.

Image 3502

Start the UNIFYNow service.

Verifying Installation

Once UNIFYNow has been installed successfully, the web components can be configured. By default, UNIFYNow is configured to run the self-hosted option, bound to localhost on port 8080. Note that this will need to be changed if using UNIFYNow on a machine where port 8080 is already in use. UNIFYNow may also be configured to be hosted by IIS.

To verify the installation, open an internet browser of choice, and navigate to the the UNIFYNow Management studio as configured (which will default to localhost:8080), and confirm that the UNIFYNow service has been correctly installed and started.

Open Management Studio with an internet browser of choice. The following should be seen:

Image 3627

If the above steps did not work:

  • Review the installation steps again;
  • Refer to the service configuration;
  • Determine whether the appropriate choice was made between the self-hosted option or the IIS option; and
  • Check the UNIFYNow forums for issues related to your problem.
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