Rest API Agent


The Rest API agent encapsulates the connection details to a single RESTful web service.

Operational Considerations

An incorrect configured Rest API agent will affect every operation attached to it.


The Rest API agent is used by the following operations:


In addition to the common agent configuration settings shared by all agents, the Rest API agent requires the following by way of configuration:

Base Service URI

The base URI of the RESTful web service. Examples:
Port The port to send HTTP requests on. Select HTTP(80), HTTPS(443) or Custom to specify the port.
Custom PortIf Custom Port is selected, a port number can be specified.
Request Timeout
Length of time individual API requests will wait for a response before failing.

TIP: When using this agent to connect to a UNIFYBroker instance, theĀ Request Timeout should be set to a value greater than the longest running connector import is expected to take.

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Rest API Agent

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