Database Execute Query Operation


The Database Execute Query operation executes a defined SQL statement against a database described by either a given SQL Server agent or Oracle Database agent.

The Database Execute Query operation can be used as a paired operation with the Database Query Changes operation, by using it to remove changes. However, the Database Execute Queryoperation is not limited to this function and can execute any SQL statement supported by the target system.

Technical Requirements

The Database Execute Query operation requires an operational target Microsoft SQL Server database or Oracle Database instance to execute the provided statement against.


The Database Execute Query operation can also be used at any time in an operation list to execute a query against a target Microsoft SQL Database or Oracle Database instance, for any purpose. This allows the operation to be used for:

Success / Failure Results

A failure result may be thrown if:

  • Authentication to the target database failed.
  • The provided SQL query was incorrectly formed.
  • The SQL query required privileges not available to the authenticated account.


In addition to the common operation configuration settings shared by all standard operations, the Database Execute Query operation requires the following by way of configuration:



SQL Query

The SQL statement to be executed against the target database.

Timeout (in seconds)

The time in seconds after the connection is first made to the database after which the connection will sever.

CHECK: A SQL Server agent or an Oracle Database agent is required to configure a Database Execute Query operation.

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