Active Directory Commit Operation


The Active Directory (AD) Commit operation clears pending Active Directory changes from its encapsulating operation list. This occurs internally within UNIFYNow.

TIP: The AD Commit operation is paired with the Active Directory Changes operation.

Technical Requirements

There are no explicit requirements to use this operation.


The AD Commit operation is a paired operation. It should be used to notify the Active Directory Changes operation, in the same operation list, that changes have been resolved.

As it is a commit operation, it should be added at the very end of an operation list, to ensure that changes are not committed until they have been successfully retrieved.

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Success / Failure Results

A success response will always be returned by the AD Commit operation.


The only explicit configuration settings required by the AD Sync Commit operation are those shared by all standard operations. Its utility comes from the configuration of its paired Active Directory Changes operation.

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Operation Active Directory Standard Operation

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