UNIFYBroker/Google Apps Release Notes


New Features

  • Compatibility with UNIFYBroker v5.3
  • Identity Broker for Google Apps rebranded as UNIFYBroker/Google Apps


  • Updated installer to update service configuration references to dependent assemblies in binding redirects


New Features

  • Compatibility with Identity Broker v5.2


New Features

  • Compatibility with Identity Broker v5.1


  • Fixed user settings connector send as field update operation


New Features

  • Compatibility with Identity Broker v5.0


New Feature

  • Added ability to ignore duplicates on domain shared contacts connector (v4.1.4+)
  • Added ability to manage User Settings through the User Settings connector (v4.1.5+)


  • Ensure that connectors do not utilise an additional thread whilst in synchronous mode in the same way it does in asynchronous mode (v4.1.1+)
  • Added support for external group members (v4.1.2+)
  • Allowed different key to be configured for each connector (v4.1.2+)
  • Added additional logging for modify anchor where entity cannot be found (v4.1.2+)
  • Added the key of the object to the completion or error logs (v4.1.4+)
  • Improved performance of domain shared contact import by increasing page size (v4.1.4+)
  • Changed "import after export" feature to favour polling imports where available (v4.1.4+)
  • Blocked phonetics fields from being set if the matching field does not contain a value (v4.1.4+)


  • Added cache for renamed entities (workaround for modify anchor losing track of renamed entities every 1 minute) (v4.1.2+)
  • Fixed issue in user connector thrown on update when id isn't provided, even whilst using another key (v4.1.2+)
  • Fixed issue that caused changes to be detected for all imported objects, resulting in delta imports containing all entities (v4.1.3+)
  • Allowed remaining synchronous work to be run asynchronous (v4.1.4+)
  • Fixed flattened organization label from being assigned incorrectly to the name attribute (v4.1.4+)
  • Changed user update call to use update instead of patch, to work around Google bug (Message[Precondition Failed] Location[If-Match - header] Reason[conditionNotMet]) (v4.1.4+)
  • Added retry logic for Google null reference exception bug (v4.1.4+)
  • Added logic to make accessing of user and contact properties threadsafe, to work around deficiency in Google API (v4.1.4+)
  • Added logic to allow user and domain shared contact external id's to be cleared, to work around deficiency in Google API (v4.1.4+)
  • Fixed NullReferenceException from occurring during user add operation (v4.1.5+)


  • Google Apps user and group connector
  • Migrated calendar and domain shared contacts connector to OAUTH2 (v4.1.2+)
  • Added missing Google data version header to domain shared contacts client API (v4.1.2+)

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