UNIFYBroker/Micro Focus Content Manager Prerequisites

UNIFYBroker requirements

Refer to the UNIFYBroker prerequisites article in the UNIFYBroker product guide.

Micro Focus Content Manager requirements

The following are the software requirements for UNIFYBroker/Micro Focus Content Manager:

  • For HP TRIM v6 or higher, the SOAP web service endpoint installed and configured
  • For HP Records Manager, either the SOAP web service or the REST Service API service (recommended) installed and configured.
  • Fore HPE Content Manager and Micro Focus Content Manager the REST Service API service installed and configured.

 Please speak with your administrator for details.

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For CM v9 the following powershell script can be used to test the CM service API is working properly.

$URI = "http://cmserver/HPECMServiceAPI" 

# example query to return a single, named object
$q = "/Location/Wapshere, Carol?format=json&properties=[]&propertySets=All&pageSize=500&start=1&propertyValue=Both&stringDisplayType=ViewPane&includePropertyDefs=True"

#example query to return all Location objects
$q = "/Location?q=all&format=json&properties=[]&propertySets=All&pageSize=500&start=1&propertyValue=Both&stringDisplayType=ViewPane&includePropertyDefs=True"

# UseDefaultCredentials assumes you are running as an account that has been registered in CM with the AD account name and suitable access.
$response = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri ($URI + $q) -Method Get -UseDefaultCredentials

# Show returned data