Frontier chris21 Agent


A Frontier chris21 agent is an agent provided by UNIFYBroker/Frontier chris21. It is a shared component between all UNIFYBroker/Frontier chris21 connectors.


A Frontier chris21 agent maintains the following configuration:

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Agent Type The chris21 endpoint type that the agent will connect to. "HTTPCommunicator" or "WebServiceCommunicator".
SSLWhether to send communications over SSL/HTTPS
Logon ApplicationThe name to identity as with the target system. Leave blank to not include the logon.
chris21 UsernameThe name of the chris21 user to be used for operations by the connector. Note that this account requires sufficient read and update rights within chris21.
chris21 PasswordThe password of the provided chris21 user.
Skip LogoutWhether to skip the logout process at the conclusion of operations, to improve performance.

As well as the above, Frontier chris21 agent require the configuration of the chosen Agent Type, either HTTP Communicator or Web Service Communicator.

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