Distinguished Name Generator Transformation


The distinguished name converter transformation is used to convert a single valued, or multi-valued field into a collection of distinguished names.

User Cases

This transformation can be used to accomplish the following:

  • Creating reference values for items that are just present in list fields, such as student numbers




This transformation adds a single target multivalued distinguished name field based on a defined Distinguished Name template.

Image 3903


The distinguished name converter transformation requires the following by way of configuration:

Image 3904

Input The source field for the DN. If this source is a multivalue, a DN will be generated for each value. If this source is a single value, only one DN will be generated.
Target The name of the field to write all the distinguished names to.
Single Valued Causes the transformation to return only a single value.
Skip Missing In cases where a value is not available, a distinguished name is not generated.
Dn Template

The distinguished name template describing the process used to generate the distinguished names for the Input value. If the input is a multivalue, references to that field will result in a single value:

e.g. if the Input is Members, then a DN template of:


would result in the following for the members (1, 2, 3):


Change Processing

During the change detection process, a change will be flagged if the Members field is updated in the base or relational connector.

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