Constant Value Transformation


This transformation adds a new field to the adapter schema which is populated for each entity with the same given constant value.

Use Cases

The constant transformation can be used to accomplish the following:

  • Ensuring solution required fields are always populated, even if by a placeholder value
  • Flowing organisation hierarchy elements, such as domain name components or locations, into organisation structure fields that are always the same for entities in the adapter
  • Sourcing constant fields to be used for multiple DN generators in the adapter's transformations, rather than having to add a constant DN component with the same value each time




This transformation adds a new field of a specified type with a constant value.

Image 3866


The constant transformation requires the following by way of configuration:

Image 3867

TargetThe name of the schema field
ValueThe constant value to be set for each entity.
TypeThe type of the constant value.

The above configuration adds a string field named Domain to each entity with a value of "CompanyDomain".

Change Processing

During the change detection process, this transformation does not check for any changes as it has no dependencies.

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