SQL Server Database Agent


An SQL Server agent encapsulates the connection details to a single SQL Server instance.


The SQL Server agent is used by the following connectors:


In addition to the common agent configuration shared by all agents, the SQL Server agent requires the following by way of configuration:

Use Standard Fields Whether to configure the connection string directly (No) or to enter some basic connection information.
Enable Transactions Whether the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator is used to manage transactions.
Operation Timeout The timeout to use to cancel long-running operations.
Connection String A SQL Server database connection string used to describe the connection mechanism to the SQL Server database instance. (See Syntax and Sql Connection String for details).
Server The server name hosting the SQL Server database.
Database Name The name of the database to manage.
Authentication Type

The type of authentication mechanism to use when communicating with the SQL Server instance:

  • Windows: Connects to the target system with the credentials of the service account. This can only be used for local connections.
  • SQL: Connects to the target system using SQL authentication. This can be used for both local and remote connections.
Username The SQL Username to authenticate with.
Password and Confirmation Password The password corresponding to the selected SQL Server username.

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