Oracle Database Agent


An Oracle database agent encapsulates the connection details to a single oracle database.


The Oracle Database agent is used by the following connectors:


The oracle database agent uses the Oracle.DataAccess.Client provider. This provider will need to be installed on the environment against which the UNIFYBroker service has been installed.

TIP: The latest installer as of writing can be found here.


In addition to the common agent configuration shared by all agents, the Oracle Database agent requires the following by way of configuration:

Name Description
Connection String

An Oracle database connection string used to describe the connection mechanism to the oracle database instance. (For more details see Connecting to Oracle Database).

Example without TNS:


Example using TNS (see tnsnames.ora):

Data Source=dataSource;User Id=aUsername;Password=aPassword;

Example with Easy Connect (must be enabled in sqlnet.ora):

Data Source=username/password@//hostName:1521/serviceName;

Enable Transactions Whether the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator is used to manage transactions.
Operation Timeout The timeout to use to cancel long-running operations.

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