Aurion Person Connector


An Aurion person connector is a reading and updating Connector provided by UNIFY Identity Broker for Aurion

This connector is an extension of the Aurion generic reading connector, and therefore supports all the same functionality, in addition to being able to update person information.

Technical Requirements

The Aurion person connector has no additional requirements following the listed connector prerequisites.


Reading Yes
Updating Yes
Adding Yes
Deleting No
Polling No

In addition to querying data, this connector is capable of updating person information with the EMP_UPDATE_PERS function of Aurion's ev397_aurion_ws web service.


In addition to the standard Query fields schema provider, there is an additional provider called Default Person schema. This creates a schema based on the fields supported by the EMP_UPDATE_PERS function. The fields from this schema provider should be used over those that are returned by the query. To correct differences in field names from Aurion query names, update the mapping settings.


An Aurion person connector has the same configuration as its base generic reading connector.


Mappings allow fields in the schema to be mapped to the attribute names returned by the Aurion query.

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