Aurion Generic Reading Connector


An Aurion generic reading connector is a reading Connector provided by UNIFYBroker/Aurion

This connector can be used to retrieve the information contained within any query configured in the Aurion system.

Technical Requirements

The Aurion generic reading connector has no additional requirements following the listed connector prerequisites


An Aurion generic reading connector encapsulates the data available in a single Aurion query.

Reading Yes
Writing No
Deleting No
Polling No

The connector retrieves the contents of the query by using the QUERY_TO_XML function of Aurion's ev397_aurion_ws web service.


Fields in an Aurion connector refer to a single field in the configured Aurion query

The schema provider for this connector can be used to retrieve the entire schema of the query.


An Aurion generic reading connector contains the following configuration:

Image 4185

Name Description
Query Id The id of the Aurion query to retrieve data from.


Mappings allow fields in the schema to be mapped to the attribute names returned by the Aurion query.

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These are the Query Ids I know of:


That third one should be "LITE_SCHED" sorry

I've learnt more about how this work.  Queries are managed via the Aurion UI (usually accessed via an RDP session to an Aurion-provided management VM - NOT the self-service web interface) so Aurion admins can create create/edit their own reports with whatever fields are required to be exposed to IAM systems.  Those ones above are some that have been defined and used by past UNIFYAssure installations, so they won't exist by default on a customer Aurion instance.