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Case sensitive search issue in connector entity search

Richard Green 1 year ago in UNIFYBroker SDK and UNIFYCore updated by Beau Harrison (Senior Software Engineer) 1 year ago 1

HI Gents,

This is possibly related to https://voice.unifysolutions.net/communities/6/topics/3846-connector-entity-search-screen-issue.

 One of our support clients has raised an incident around some IDB behaviors. In this case they are seeing a change in entity search behaviour after a recent upgrade. 

Previously search was case insensitive, however now it is not. "For example if we search terry nothing will result if the user is in the system as Terry."

Browser used is IE11. Environment is locked down so no other browser is available.

Installed version of UNIFYBroker is

Affected Versions:
Fixed by Version:
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Hi Richard

This behaviour is consistent across all browsers tested. What was the version that was upgraded from where the search was case insensitive?