Connector Entity Search Screen Issue

Rizwan Ahmed 5 years ago updated by Beau Harrison (Senior Product Software Engineer) 5 years ago 5

On UNIFYBroker Service v5.3.2 RTM navigate to Connector Entity Search screen, click on any entity ID

Image 5285

The browser navigates back to the Connectors screen rather than presenting the full details of the record.

Image 5286

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Hi Rizwan,

This works for me locally with Firefox and Edge.

What browser are you using? Can you test any others? Do you have scripts disabled? If you open the browsers developer tools (F12 in most browsers) console, do any errors or other message appear when you click the entity id link?

Can't replicate locally, although I have an slightly older version of IE11. Does it behave incorrectly in IE on you test server as well?

Are using a different browser or not using this feature acceptable workarounds for now?

Hi Beau,

One of our support clients has raised an incident detailing the same issue, along with another issue around case sensitive search on connector entity (I will raise this separately). Both could be related to the fact that the client is using IE11.

Unfortunately in this case the environment is locked down, and no other browser is available for use.

The client will be happy to work with us and provide any required detail for testing.

Hi Richard,

As I mentioned to Rizwan when he opened this issue, we've never been able to replicate, so determining the cause locally difficult. However if the client is willing to assist there are a few things you can try.

Firstly, check that there are no errors being written to the dev console when the link is clicked. Ensure the toggle to clear on navigation is off so whatever gets logged isn't lost.

You can also try debugging the page's Javascript. In the developer tools debugger tab, find the DisplayEntity<partitionId> function. Breakpoints can be added as show below to step through the script and inspect its behaviour when the link is clicked. If the second breakpoint is reached, check the value of data, which should be the html of the entity details modal.