All attributes settable through Aurion Security User connector

Carol Wapshere 3 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Aurion updated by Adam van Vliet (Chief Information Security Officer) 3 years ago 3

Do we have a list somewhere of all the attributes that can be set through out Aurion Security User connector? Is this picture on this page definitive, or are there others? https://voice.unifysolutions.net/knowledge-bases/7/articles/3114-aurion-security-user-connector

Customer wants to set an attribute named "Consolidate" to "yes". I can import it but haven't managed to update it.

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Could it be "consolidate mail"? It's not currently mapped in the export function, which could mean any of the following:

  • It's a new field that's been made available since the connector was written
  • The field was just missed during development
  • The field was intentionally missed as it didn't work

As I don't know which it is, could I give you a patch that sets all exported records to "yes" and you try it in dev? If it works I'll be able to do it up properly.

It is definitely to do with mail, so yes I think it will be that one.

Yes I can give it a go with the patch - thanks! I'm on IdB, Aurion connector