How do you create gtrListFilters in IdB4.0?

Matthew Woolnough 11 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Frontier ichris/chris21 updated by anonymous 8 years ago 6

I need to know how to implement gtrListFilters in IdB4.0.
The doco for the filters is documented here:

Below is one of the filters I need to implement. I can't see anywhere in the GUI this can be implemented.

<connectorconfiguration configuration="readingAndWritingConnector">
	<connector connector="Unify.Connectors.Chris21.GTR" id="{BB362CE2-985C-486d-9D53-8A5C4909B938}" name="Chris21 Placement Connector" key="detnumber">
			<field name="detnumber" validator="string" readonly="True" required="True" key="True" />
			<field name="posstart" validator="date" readonly="True" required="True" key="True" />
			<field name="posend" validator="date" readonly="True" />
			<field name="posnumber" validator="string" readonly="True" />
			<field name="posstatus" validator="string" readonly="True" />
			<field name="posempocc" validator="string" readonly="True" />
			<validator name="string" validatorGenerator="Unify.Framework.EntityStringValidatorFactory,Unify.Framework.Entity.Schema" />
			<validator name="date" validatorGenerator="Unify.Framework.EntityDateValidatorFactory,Unify.Framework.Entity.Schema" />
		<image>iVBO<snip> VORK5CYII=</image>
		<communicator logActive="True" type="http" gtrForm="pos" gtrName="broker1prod" gtrSecurePassword="9Wu6XRqV4pgisJmPm4WO3Q==" gtrPassword="" skipLogout="False" gtrAllowHttp="True" gtrShowTranslations="False" gtrListRequest="Default" gtrChunkSize="1000" httpUri="https://hrselfservice/Web/Scalable/c21connect.asp" encoding="UTF-8" contentType="application/x-www-form-urlencoded">
				<gtrListFilter filterValue="posend:GE:{DATETODAY}:or" />
				<gtrListFilter filterValue="posend:EQ::" />
		<timing name="RecurringTimespan">
			<timespan value="864000000000" />

Hey mate,
Not sure if this was meant for me - IdB4 GUI questions are prob best suited to the product team.

Personally I have not implemented c21 broker under IdB4.
If you don't have any joy, I'd be manually editing the c21 connector config for:

				<gtrListFilter filterValue="posend:GE:{DATETODAY}:or" />
				<gtrListFilter filterValue="posend:EQ::" />

Pat, are you able to assist with this?

v4.0 is done in almost the same way as v3.0. It just uses a flattened filter, instead of allowing for multiple elements. There is an issue to update the documentation to be more helpful (IDBCHRS-48).

For now, look at v3.0 filter documentation.

In your example you would have both of those filters like so:


I'm not sure if it'd require the final colon to be there, and you'd have to check the Frontier documentation to check whether the empty filter will give the result you are after with the empty posend.

So not possible in the UI, need to edit XML?

It is possible, just not broken into multiple sections like the example provided by Ryan. They just have to be written like the example in my previous comment, which is how it's explained in the v3.0 documentation.

See the Filters configuration attribute on IDBCHRS40:Frontier chris21 connector.

Filters now in place.