Handling of Specific list request type

Matthew Clark 12 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Frontier ichris/chris21 updated by anonymous 9 years ago 3

The Chris21ListRequest enumerable allows for the handling of "Specific" list requests, denoted by the value "S" being sent to Chris21. This seems to mean that only fields present in the schema will be returned. The connector currently throws a "not supported" exception in the case where the connector is configured in this way.

"Default" and "All" type retrieval are used in current Chris21 configurations without any issues, so this is a minor issue to revisited at some stage. Until then, it may be worth commenting the "Specific" type out of the enumerable so it is not selectable via the UI.

Estimate includes updating the connector to support specific handling and testing.

After extensive use of the connector, I nor any testers have noted any loss of function due to this setting no longer being configurable.

Moved to v4.1.1 as this requires Matthew Clark.

Closed as Won't Fix.

This setting offers very little benefit over the current configuration at the expense of the user having to deal with another minor setting. Not worth it and all implementations since have done well without it.