chris21 Position information not being populated at the point of MV projection

Ryan Crossingham 12 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Frontier ichris/chris21 updated by anonymous 9 years ago 6

New c21 users do not have their position populated in ILM until VERY late in their lifecycle (sporadic population of position data). As a result users do not have any associated position information / manager details etc at provision time.

I have not seen this at any other client site.

Example User
Employee ID: 1200210


detntid,dettempdt2,dettempdte,detsubpos="OTA012",detalttele,updatetag="MORROWE ;21127140110",accesslevel="add",status="ok" 

C21 Org Unit Connector imports all position information correctly

C21 Placement Connector provides the correct reference between posnumber and employeeID/detNumber

C21 Employee ADAPTER does NOT show associated position information for the new user - This occurs WEEKS later

I originally thought there was an error with the relationship processing in the adapter configuration within idB. All connector information seems to be available for the relationship to occur, although the adapter does not present the information with the relationships intact...

This is very strange as the transformations seem to be correct for all existing users RE position information - It just seems to be processed at a later date regardless of if the information is available in identity broker..

I will post the adapter config tonight




Some things to check before we have the configuration:

  • Are there any errors in the Identity Broker logs?
  • Is the join criteria for position populated for every user, ie. the posnumber in the POS table?
  • Check the start times of the positions. We usually do a date relational transformation there, which will only pull the position information that is current
  • I believe in most chris21 configurations we actually use a string priority transformation somewhere, checking for values of "T", "A" and "N" on the posempocc field (from memory). Check the values here and remove or alter this priority check if this is not appropriate for the client


This issue has not been updated in 2 weeks. Please provide a status update or progress the issue appropriately.

This issue has not been updated in 2 weeks. Please provide a status update or progress the issue appropriately.

Ryan, is this issue still current? I haven't heard anything from the client recently and so I am don't think it can be a major severity. Downgrading to minor.

Meeting with Adam Bowditch on Thu 9th MAy to review and discuss.

With the updated Adapter Engine configuration (fix applied for WCANSW-17), future dated records are processed and position information is populated at the time of MV projection.