Form discovery

Matthew Clark 12 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Frontier ichris/chris21 updated by anonymous 9 years ago 6

Enable the connector to fetch the names of available Chris21 forms on configuration. We could use the scripted dropdown control so that it does not become cumbersome to navigate the hundreds of forms available by default.

Estimate includes restructuring the UI for the required multi-step approach, and research into how to retrieve form details via GTR.

AvV: Set priority and fix version. Consider enabling connector to retrieve the EAI file name without user input.


I had an idea on where you would find out how to do this - press Ctrl + Shift + T (I think) to open the GTR trace, then go to System -> Forms in chris21, and see what command is called. Hopefully this would give us the form names.

This may be out of scope for v4.0 as this is a feature request, given other pressing issues that we have encountered.

Doing the above trace shows that this can be done using the SCN (for forms) and FIL (for files) tables to get names and relevant data, and it looks like this would be fairly easy to do. I imagine we would need to use a variation of the advanced dropdown used throughout IdB that also allows the user to enter something that does not exist in the dropdown.

Moved to v4.1.1 as this requires Matthew Clark.

The following is a line returned by the CBR=scnlst command:

cbr="scnlst",gw_transactionid="250",scnmnemonic="ADR",scninterfce="C",scnproduct="Z80",scnprodtyp="Z",scndescr="Address",scntrntype="P",scnfilenam="EMADR",scnmainprg="EMADRGEN",updatetag="BRW TWO ;00625114843",accesslevel="delete",status="ok"

This contains the form name, the form title, and the file name for EAI. This would be enough information to create a drop down control which could set the Form and the File attributes in the connector. With the addition of agents, this should be much easier to do as it could better be assumed that chris21 will be contactable with the provided information, although we may also need to provide overrides. It should also suggest potentially the "popular" forms at the start of the list as default chris21 instances can have hundreds of forms ready to go.

Migrated to VSO.