Update record processing to ignore unrecognised records

Adam van Vliet 10 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Frontier ichris/chris21 updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

From SSICT-493, a certain condition was causing the chris21 service to return a PRG GTR line. This had not been seen before, but the details can be found on INTIDBCHRS:v7.7 Documentation, in CHRIS_BRE_SDK.pdf.

Essentially PRG is a progress message, why it's being returned is currently unknown, but it doesn't matter, it (and any other unknown line types) should be ignored.

Hi Brian Cotterall,

Please take a look at this issue as part of your familiarisation. As well as the description, pay attention to the details as it tells you which branch to do the work in. Let me know when your code is ready as I'll walk through the process.


I've got the code but need help getting started on this issue. The description means little to me at this stage.

The GetChris21GtrLineFromChris21GtrString method could be turned into the following class:

public class Chris21GtrStringToChris21GtrLineAdapter : IValueAdapter<IChris21Line, string>

Then it doesn't rely on the IHttpCommunicator.

A few comments on Chris21CommunicatorGtrMessageTestFixture:

  • Download and apply the DotSettings attachment from PRDGRP:Programming Standards.
  • Try running the ReSharper code cleanup (until you get used to the code standards). It'll add the missing class name, fix up whitespace, etc;
  • See the squiggles under certain points in the code (or next to the scrollbar)? The comments they provide are usually pretty helpful;
  • Add xml comments to class and methods.