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Change detection engine import all items for connector Aurion Person failed with reason -25 (see UNIFACE message guide)

Liam Schulz 7 months ago in UNIFYBroker/Aurion updated 7 months ago 2


I am trying to add the Employee_Number field from Aurion Person to a connector so that I can do write-back.

However, I am encountering the following error on Import All:

Image 6522

My mapping and schema is as follows:

Image 6523

Image 6524

Do you have more insight on what error -25 is?


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Hi Liam,

An error -25 referencing UNIFACE normally means that the licence for the Aurion service isn't valid, which may mean it's expired or experiencing problems. 

Does the error occur on any connector import, or just the Person connector? Was it occurring before the Employee_Number field was added to the connector, or only after?

Hi Matt,

I don't believe it was occurring as there had been entities imported on the connector, however the environment hasn't had schedules configured so it may have been some time since it ran.

The Aurion instance in question is the UNIFY dev instance so would it be possible to check if the license has expired?