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Allow TCP keepalives to be set for Aurion connectors

Adrian Corston 1 year ago in UNIFYBroker/Aurion updated by Beau Harrison (Senior Product Software Engineer) 1 year ago 3

Matt wrote in email:

I have found some documentation that suggest long-lived TCP connections in Azure components are terminated after 4 minutes. Normally, you’d hope that a terminated TCP connection would immediately result in an exception such as “the underlying connection was closed”.
... I was able to reproduce the lack of response on this report in both the PowerShell harness and SoapUI. After some testing to force the connection to stay alive, I was able to find a way to successfully get this report to import on the test VM.
.... I’ll have to investigate the best way to solve this one long term. It might be something we need to set inside the connector, or inside UNIFYBroker, or inside the platform. I’m not sure if the problem is unique to Aurion or whether we can replicate it elsewhere – that’ll be part of the investigation to determine the best way to fix it. This command shouldn’t even be necessary – so we’d have to investigate the side effects of it and ensure that we won’t break something else by having this set.

Due to my customer having long running reports, could you please provide a fix for this issue?

Under review

Hi Adrian,

Is this for an on-prem or UNIFYConnect customer? Might impact where the fix goes and how we can validate it.

Hi Adrian

I've added the ability to enable and configure TCP keep alive. Which environment should I organize the patch deployed to?