Connector sometimes cannot detect changes made in CHRIS21

Sam Wang 12 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Frontier ichris/chris21 updated by anonymous 9 years ago 7

It seems if a form has its EAI disabled, simply enable EAI will not allow connector to detect changes from it.
Steps I took to make connector to be able to detect changes:
1. Restart Chris21 service. (as a result, connector is not able to detect changes)
2. Restart IdB service. (as a result, connector is not able to detect changes)
3. Do a "Import all" and then modify some data in CHRIS21. (as a result, connector is able to detect changes)

Hi Sam,

I believe the mechanism for chris21 tracking changes does not allow past changes to be recognised.

If you enable this, then change some data, it should work. Could you please try this again?


Even if the above steps have a change made to the data before the full import, the change wasn't being detected.

This is possibly due to a StoredValueCollection key being set or checked wrong.

Will investigate if time permits over the next week, otherwise will assign to Matthew.

Hey Sam, I'm not entirely sure of the case where change detection did not work here. EAI only keeps a record of what has changed in forms after it has been enabled. If there is no data in the EAI form for a particular form, then the connector thinks there is no changes.

Are you saying that you needed to restart the chris21 service after enabling EAI for changes to start to be logged?

The problem seems to be fixed with IdB beta 1

Confirming the issue with Sam on his machine shows that this was just an issue with Chris21 not properly flagging changes. Configuration of EAI falls in the domain of Frontier's product documentation, although we do reference in a small way how to configure this to UNIFY staff (see INTIDBCHRS:Enabling the Frontier chris21 EAI for a specific GTR file). The connector only pulls changes if EAI has been properly configured in chris21.

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