How to achieve continuous compliance (target system value reversion) at the same time as responding quickly to urgent data updates (e.g. user suspension)

Adrian Corston 1 year ago in UNIFYBroker/Plus 0

I have a solution with ~7000 managed AD user accounts.  To ensure any unauthorised changes to those accounts are reverted (continuous compliance) I run regular Baseline Sync operations on the outgoing link.

These Baseline Syncs take approximately 25 minutes to run, and during that time no other link synchonisations run.  This means urgent updates (such as SPOL user suspension functionality) is delayed.

What can I do to ensure fast response for urgent operations, while also having continuous compliance with a reasonable turn-around time (i.e. checked every hour or so - keeping in mind that an import all for my AD users only takes around 50 seconds to run).