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Join calculation for source entity cannot be completed due to an invalid connection state. Reason: Source entity has multiple connections.

Adrian Corston 2 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Plus updated 2 years ago 3

After the customer remediated duplicate employee IDs in AD, UNIFYBroker is still unable to correctly join and process links.  The error message has changed to:

Synchronization job failed syncing 4322 changes on the 'Employee > AD User' link from the adapter to locker with the reason Join calculation for source entity 'e892faf3-5c17-4e9c-9be9-f9ee33cc68fe' cannot be completed due to an invalid connection state. Reason: Source entity has multiple connections.. Job ID: bf3c52ec-49a2-4655-8f00-360a6ffce78c Duration: 00:00:04.2503352

I'll attach the email thread with the customer that provides background to the next message.

Under review

Hi Adrian,

The direct cause of this issue is as the error message says: that there are multiple, pre-existing connections for the adapter entity being synchronized. However, this would have been a result of a previous sync that has now left the connections in a state that cannot be dealt with.

The connection aware join strategy should not be able to produce this state, though. Additionally, the issue of connections not being removed when one of the entities they connect are remove should also be fixed. The possible causes of this occurring now that I can think of are

  • these connections exist from a time before the connection-aware join strategy was introduced or in it's current state, or using the simple join strategy
  • there are still situations where the connection-aware join strategy could erroneously produce bad connections or connections for deleted entities still aren't being removed properly
  • the prod environment has not been updated to the same version as dev/test

You should be able to manually clear out the old connections for this entity and perform a baseline sync to resolve the immediate issue. Determining how likely the bad connection state being caused by the current version of Broker will likely be harder, as the previous sync of an entity behaving incorrectly would be the true cause; the current sync failing with this error message is just the symptom.

Hi Beau,

This is a new build, new data load from Thursday last week, so the first case isn't applicable.

I'll refer the third case to the platform team for comment.

I was able to Remove Joins for two adapter entities and Baseline Sync to remediate the situation.  I can let you know if/when it happens again.


David has confirmed the UNIFYBroker software in PROD matches DEV/TEST, leaving us with just the second case.