Identity Broker not reading employee company code on some accounts

Garry Gee (SRWSD) 9 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Frontier ichris/chris21 updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

On some employee records in Chris21, Identity Broker cannot read the PDTORG1CD field for an enployee. This field is the "Company Code"
This issue has been around for some time and sometimes seems to resolve itself.
One example that we can see right now is an employee named Dianne Humphreys.
In Chris21 she has a Company code of MAA in the PDTORG1CD field.
When doing and Adapter Entity Search on the Chris21 GTR Person adapter via the Unify Management Studio, I cannot see any value in the PDTORG1CD field for that user.

Please correct the Default assignee to Ryan or Dillip?

Requires investigation into connector entity search for Company to ensure company information is being filled.
If not issue may be related to Chris21 transformation

 Dianne Humphreys appears to be a terminated user so it makes sense that she would have no company code, as she has no role. Confirm with Garry when he's back in the office.

Investigated the issue with Garry and it is intermittent and he has a work around for when it happens. Happy to leave this as is.