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Inexplicable 'Source entity shared a join target with another source entity'

Adrian Corston 3 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Plus updated by Matthew Davis (Technical Product Manager) 2 years ago 6

I am seeing this familiar error:

Image 6066

(Baseline synchronization failed with the message "Source entity '93fe60b9-05ba-4b92-b167-80738bdad66a' shares a join target with another source entity: '695411ab-e878-4ae2-9e39-f04267ac6767'. Cannot proceed with join.". See logs for more details.)

I can't see why this is the case - the join criteria is on source field 'EmployeeNumber' and those two source entities have different values:

93fe60b9-05ba-4b92-b167-80738bdad66a EmployeeNumber=145627
695411ab-e878-4ae2-9e39-f04267ac6767 EmployeeNumber=145158

Could you please look at the joins in the database and tell me what's going on internally to see if that sheds light on how this has happened?

The environment has been running for months now, untouched from an administrative perspective.

Because I can see 66 pending incoming updates on that link that aren't being processed it seems like this failure is either (a) blocking all subsequent mappings for that link, or (b) happening for 66 different joins.  The customer reported that their upstream changes are not flowing through to AD.


Not a bug

Not enough detail to properly investigate/replicate this issue. Happy to be reopened if the issue resurfaces

The contributing cause appears to be duplicated Adapter entities.


Connector looks fine:


I'm not sure how duplicate adapter entities have been created, where there are no corresponding connector entities.  Could you advise possible causes or let me know what has caused this to happen in the past (if it has)?

The connector key field is EmployeeCode, and that is the same on all three adapters so it hasn't changed.

Generate Changes doesn't restore future-dated changes on the adapter, only an Import All for newly created connector entities does so I had to clear the connector as well.  This changes the GUIDs of all connector/adapter entities, which in turn invalidates all the persistent Link joins.  The only way to fix that is to delete locker entities and reload them as well.  So basically I am doing a complete data reload now.

Clearing connector entities and reloading them did not result in adapter entities being created.  There were no errors in the logs, and all other connectors and adapters were enabled.  Unfortunately the best I can do now is Generate Changes and move on, knowing that future-dated changes for existing data will be missed and need to be manually fixed as problematic operational outcomes are identified one by one.

Not a bug

Not enough detail to properly investigate/replicate this issue. Happy to be reopened if the issue resurfaces