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JadeStar Position Occupancy Connector not surfacing PrimaryOccupancyIndicator attribute properly

Adrian Alcance 3 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Fusion5 JadeStar updated by Beau Harrison (Senior Product Software Engineer) 3 years ago 3

There is an issue with the _KB_JadeStar Position Occupancy Connector in where the PrimaryOccupancyIndicator is not properly reflecting the values in JadeStar properly.

Details moved to comment. -BH

The PrimaryOccupancyIndicator for these two roles are both set to True in the connector. In the adapter, the Occupancy is joined with the Employee using PrimaryOccupancyIndicator as Priority and since there are two of these entries it chooses the first one which in this case is the wrong occupancy.

Image 5962

Could you please take a look at this connector and advise?

Under review

Hi Adrian, can you provide your extensibility configuration and specify the versions of Broker and the JadeStar connector currently in use?

Unfortunately, Broker 4.1 is no longer a supported version, as detailed in our UNIFYBroker End of Product Life Policy. Unless the client has an extended support agreement I can only suggest recommending they upgrade.