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Updated adapter field value didn't map to locker after joined connector field value change

Adrian Corston 3 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Plus updated by Beau Harrison (Senior Product Software Engineer) 2 years ago 3

This morning I moved from users from one AD org unit to another, which resulted in their "dn" attribute changing.  One of those users is a manager for other subordinate users, and that user's dn value is retrieved by an adapter Join transform on the subordinate users, and mapped into their "manager" field in AD via their locker records.

After the change was made, the manager's connector and adapter record updated with the new dn field value, but the updated value did not flow through to the subordinate users' "manager" field in the locker.  The link which should be responsible for this is only configured for Change Polling.  When I ran a Baseline Sync, however, the subordinate users' manager fields did update in the locker.

I haven't tried to replicate this problem, but I do not believe it to be typical behaviour.

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Hi Adrian

Have you tried reproducing this yet? Can you confirm that updated DN appears on the adapter entity before any sync runs, yet doesn't get synchronized when the change polling sync runs? Does any other field on the entity get synchronised and the DN is missed, or is the whole entity being missed?

Hi Beau,

My project budget has well and truly run out so it's unlikely I will be able to get authorisation to look into this further since it's non-impacting (I run regular Baseline Syncs frequently, which resolve the issue).  I only raised this ticket for Matt's information, so he is aware of it as a possible future issue at other sites.  Sorry :(

Won't fix

Closing. Will reopen in the future when more information is available, if needed.