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"The following entities are missing field used for the join criteria" warning for non-existent entity

Adrian Corston 3 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Plus updated by Beau Harrison (Senior Product Software Engineer) 3 years ago 6

After a locker object was deprovisioned, the following warning started appearing when Baseline Sync was run:

20210118,02:44:56,UNIFYBroker,ProvisioningExecutor,Warning,The following entities [Count:1] for the link Entitlement Groups > Azure Cloud Groups (fa3bdd0f-5e3c-4fea-83c0-f7560800340c) are missing the field used for the join criteria: 723878ee-5950-4949-a5a0-3546820373a1: [ Cloud Group Name ],Normal

There is no entity with ID 723878ee-5950-4949-a5a0-3546820373a1 in the Broker/Plus UI.  I suspect this is a locker entity that didn't get properly deleted, and this warning is appearing because the locker no longer has a value for 'Cloud Group Name'.  But I am unsure if this is the only contributing cause.

Customer environment details are in the first comment.  I am currently seeing if I can reproduce the issue.

I can reproduce the problem at will in the environment mentioned above, by removing the adapter object and having it deprovision the locker object as a result.

Correction: the entity still existing in the adapter (as it should - there's no outgoing deprovisioning for it).

Additional info: in order to cause the locker deprovision the incoming link's adapter object is changed to no longer meet the Incoming Filter criteria.

I'm also seeing this warning on an unrelated link/adapter/locker/connector, on a Baseline Sync for all the large number of currently unjoined entities where the join field in the adapter legitimately has no value.  Perhaps it's best to leave this, since it's useful to know and only a warning.  I think this warning may actually be additional logging added by Beau recently while he was assisting me with other tickets.

Please close this ticket, the warning is generally valid and the issue with it occurring unexpectedly during deprovisioning has been flagged in #4209 now.