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Link cannot synchronise a field change from Locker to Adapter

Adrian Corston 3 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Plus updated by Beau Harrison (Senior Product Software Engineer) 3 years ago 4

A Locker field value change is not appeared in an Adapter when Changes Synchronization runs.  The same Locker/Adapter are able to provision objects just fine.

The UNIFYBroker/Plus config and logs are available in the Netwealth UNIFYConnect DEV instance; the Locker is "Employee", the Adapter is "SPOL Employee Suspensions", the Link is "Employees > SPOL Employee Suspensions".  To trigger the change I make a change to a field value in the Employee connector source (an SFTP CSV file), run an Import All on the "ELMO Employees" connector, a Changes Synchronization on the "ELMO Employees > Employees" Link, then finally the Changes Synchronization on the "Employees > SPOL Suspended Employees" Link (which causes the following error to be written to the log):

Image 5911

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In the log file example above the action was to update the EmployeeName from "Perry Lastname" to "Perry Casparano" (by changing "Last Name" in the SFTP CSV file).

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Hi Adrian,

It looks like the Cannot bind argument to parameter 'ReferenceObject' because it is null. error is a Powershell error, originating in the adapter or connector. Since you don't have any Powershell transformations on that adapter, try added some logging to your connector scripts.

Thanks Beau, you're right.  The issue is a call to Compare-Object in the PowerShell connector.  Please close this ticket.  Sorry about that.