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Two operation lists in an exclusion group both ran concurrently

Adrian Corston 4 years ago updated by Beau Harrison (Senior Product Software Engineer) 4 years ago 4

At 17/03/2020 15:30:00 UNIFYNow attempted to run the Daily Full Cycle 2nd Step operation list, despite the presence of an exclusion group which also contained the Daily Full Cycle 1st Step operation list which was still running the last operation it contains at that time (MDR South Employees Management Agent Full Import Full Sync):

Image 5670

Image 5672

Image 5676

Image 5675

Image 5674

The issue was evidenced by the failed attempt to run the first operation of the 2nd Step operation list (MDR Master FIFS):

Image 5673

The MDR South FIFS (last operation of the 1st Step operation list) was definitely run by UNIFYNow, and not manually from the MIM Sync Service Manager.

Log and extensibility files will be attached to the next comment.

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Hi Adrian,

Can you reupload your logs and extensibility? The log file didn't upload properly an the extensibility files are from Broker, not Now.

I believe what you are seeing the the intended behaviour with exclusion groups with Priority members. Have a read of the Exclusion Group section of the Operation List Groups documentation, particularly how normal group members behave when priority members exist, as well as when operation lists should be set as priority.

Thanks Beau, you're quite right.  I've changed the fourth OL to Normal priority.