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Log Search not returning results

Richard Green 2 weeks ago in UNIFYBroker SDK and UNIFYCore updated by Beau Harrison (Software Developer) 2 weeks ago 2

Hi Gents, 

This is another issue possibly related to https://voice.unifysolutions.net/communities/6/topics/3846-connector-entity-search-screen-issue

A support client has raised an incident around log search in UnifyBroker. 

In short, it's not working. Putting in a search query, and hitting the search button, nothing happens.

Browser used is IE11. Environment is locked down so no other browser is available.

Installed version of UNIFYBroker is

Affected Versions:
Fixed by Version:
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Hi Richard,

I've tested this using UNIFYBroker on both Firefox and Internet Explorer version 11.356.18362.0 and have had no problems with the search functionality on the logs.

Can you please provide some more information? Browser versions, log file size etc. A network trace would also be perfect - either a raw network trace, or the trace from the browser network tools.

Also, do any errors show up in the browser console? And is the broker web and service on the same server or different servers? Running under IIS or built in web server?

Hi Richard,

Log search in IE 11 works for me. Can you confirm the client actually hit the search button and not just hit the enter key? Could the search have been performed during heavy load? Under such circumstances log searches can take a while, especially on underpowered machines. Also, was the searches tried on the current days log, a previous days log or both? Finally, were any errors printing into the browser console?