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Chris21 "Trying to pass a table-valued parameter with 6 column(s) where the corresponding user-defined table type requires 5 column(s)" during processing

Adrian Corston 5 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Frontier ichris/chris21 updated by Beau Harrison (Senior Product Software Engineer) 5 years ago 6

In my newly upgraded customer environment I am seeing the following error when running an Import All for a Chris21 connector:

Image 5382

No entries were imported.  Could you please advise what I should do about it?

UNIFYBroker v5.3.2.0
UNIFYBroker/Chris21 v5.3.0.0

Under review

Hi Adrian,

What version did you upgrade from? Did you run the database upgrade script? Does this occur for a single connector, a single type of connector or all connectors?

Identity Broker 0.0.5 #5

I didn't run the database upgrade script, but after discussion with Matt we have agreed to delete the old database and build a new blank one using the create script.

This error is for the first (of many) Chris21 connectors, but I have a different SQL error for Aderant Expert which might be related (https://voice.unifysolutions.net/communities/6/topics/3916-aderant-express-v5310-connector-reports-invalid-column-name-obsolete_1-on-import-all) so once the DBA starts work and grants me sysadmin privs again I'll do the DB delete/re-build and see if it solves that one too.

I believe the exception you're seeing is caused by the InsertEntitySelectType stored procedure missing the ContainerId attribute, which was added for the v5.0 release and has not been modified since. Was the database script you used the one from the %installDir%\Database directory? Can you attach it here?

Hi Beau, the database delete and rebuild is still pending; the customer limits access to the sysadmin role on their servers and their DBA is currently busy looking after an incident so I have to wait.

After restarting from a blank/new Unify.IdentityBroker database this problem has gone away (as I mentioned that Matt had suggested above).

Please close this ticket (and mark it "Not A Bug").