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UNIFYBroker 5.3.1 RC2: Entities are not reflected in the adapter

Anthony Soquin 4 weeks ago in UNIFYBroker/Plus updated by Beau Harrison (Software Developer) 4 weeks ago 4


I have a connector named "Student" with 28k users but in the Student adapter I have at the momentL 3k entities.

The maximum entities in the adapter was 13k. 

UNIFY Broker has been fully reinstalled and the database re-created to try to fix the issue.

The logs are in Diagnostic mode, there is no error.

We are in UAT env, the same configuration is working fine in DEV and TEST environments.

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Hi Anthony,

Can you please attach the log files from when the reflection is running? Can you also please confirm that the database indexes are at appropriate level?

Any idea about the root cause? Any steps that I could do for the troubleshooting?

Do you need more data/files?

Thanks in advance

Can you try clearing the adapter entities, then click "Generate Changes" on the adapter - see where it gets up to and attach the logs from that?

Hi Anthony,

Can you disable the adapter, clear the connector entities and perform a connector full import? How many pending changes are generated on the disabled adapter? Are pending changes generated for all 28k connector entities or only a few thousand?

Then, once the import has finished and the number of pending changes are stable, enable the adapter and let the pending changes be processed. Do all the pending changes get processed into adapter entities, or do some go missing?