Broker/Plus Locker entity search Origin Info information is not clear or sufficient

Adrian Corston 5 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Plus updated by Matthew Davis (Technical Product Manager) 2 years ago 3

I am a new Broker/Plus user and want to see where a Locker is getting its field values from, so I clicked on the Entity Id and then on Origin Info.  This is the screen I see:

Image 5203

This doesn't tell me which Adapter contributed the current value for the sAMUsername field.  I tried searching the Extensibility files for the Entity Id and Partition Id, but neither told me which Adapter the field value came from.

Could you please add the name of the Adapter that contributed the field value somewhere on this popup?

Also, it's not clear what the Type information here means.  What does it mean that my 'sAMUsername' field is of type 'PlugIn'?

Under review

Hi Adrian,

The origin information should look like this:

Partition id is either the id of either the connector, adapter or locker the entity resides in. I agree it would be better to show a name and we'll probably do this in the future. For now, check the appropriate extensibility config or the connector/adapter/locker url to get its id.

The Type refers to the type of partition. Plugin is a vague term, I know, but this refers to Plus, which is a plugin to Broker. Not currently possible to display "Plus" there yet, unfortunately.

Your origin info may be empty due to the connector and/or adapter entities being cleared, which breaks the origin records. Try getting your adapter entities up to date, clearing your locker and running a baseline sync on your links.

If the issue persists, or if you have any other issue, give me a call on Teams and we can go over your setup.

Thanks Beau.  I am using the UNIFYAssure-Aurion-Sample base configuration and as far as I can tell, the Locker's sAMUsername is configured as Locker-to-Adapter and is generated during provisioning by a PowerShell script, so perhaps that's why there is no Ancestor.  I'm surprised there is no Descendant, however, since it should be outgoing to the AD Adapter.  Looking at other fields on that Locker, most don't have Ancestors or Descendants, except for a seemingly random few which have Ancestors only:

The Origin Info functionality is limited by not having a text decode of the Partition Id: customers are unlikely to appreciate having to look up Connector and Adapter details by visually searching for UUIDs.

The only PlugIn that shows up on my Broker/Plus instance is the Test Harness, and it doesn't have a UUID in the URL (http://localhost:8008/Extensibility/ConnectorTestHarness/Index).  So 9e288e2f-* can't easily be decoded back to work out what it is (unless I look for it in the Extensibility files, I guess).


The Broker frontend really isn't intended for customer consumption, and the Origin information even more so than other parts. That said, its definitely possible. I'll add it to the backlog.

9e288e2f-* will be the locker id. Here's mine when viewing the locker:

I'll also add a backlog task to change the type from PlugIn to Plus Locker or something similar.